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Red River Gorge

Area Attractions

Red River Gorge Geological Area:

A National Landmark, the Gorge is a 29,000 acre "wonderland" featuring over 100 natural sandstone arches. The arches have resulted from wind and water sculpting over a 70 million year period.  Red River Gorge offers the greatest concentrations of arches east of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and is managed to protect watersheds, wildlife, and archaeological resources, and geological features.  The Gorge is open year round for public use and enjoyment


Nada Tunnel

Enter the Red River Gorge through this 1900's one lane tunnel. This tunnel was built to transport logs out of the Gorge by railroad. The tunnel is listed on the National Register of Historical Places

Red River Gorge Canopy Tours Zip Line

Soar over paradise of natural sandstone arches and towering clifts in the heart of the Natural Bridge/Red River Gorge Area. Age/Weight Restrictions Apply.

Call for details 606.663.6222   

Natural Bridge State Park

Natural Bridge is a 2,370 acre park that site adjacent to the Daniel Boone National Forest. This rugged and scenic park is the home to a 900 ton natural sandstone arch suspended across a mountainside.  THis natural arch bridge measures 65 feet high and 78 feet long. The park also offers views of high stone clifts and stone arches. Tails are available for beginners to advanced


Sky Lift
Enjoy a scenic, relaxing ride to Natural Bridge on the Sky Lift. The ascent begins one half mile from the park entrance and ends 600 feet of the 900 ton sandstone bridge.


Kentucky Reptile Zoo

KRZ ia  non-profit orginization featuring a zoo exhibit, venom extractions and educational outreach program. It has one of the finest venomous snake collections in the state including the infamous spitting cobras, mambas, rattlesnakes, vipers and adders. Also on display from around the globe are anacondas, alligators, pythons and turtles.


Pilot Knob State Nature Reserve

Considered to be the place where Daniel Boone first stood and looked out over the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Pilot Knob is one of the tallest knobs in the Cumberland Plateau at 730 feet. Hiking trails also allow visitors to view native vegetation of the area.

Meadowgreen Park Music Hall

Built exclusively for the preservation and performance of Bluegrass music, Meadowgreen features top Bluegrass performers along with appearances by local talent. Saturday nights, October through May.


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