Red River Gorge Underground

2478 Glencarin Rd. Rogers, Kentucky 41365 

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The Gorge Underground is unlike any other adventure you have ever been on! Join us as our guides lead you into the darkness of the Gorge Grotto, through the mountainside for a full hour-long adventure under the earth’s surface. Paddle your way through the grotto in your own kayak as our guide leads the way while explaining the history of the cavern and how it came to be flooded. Be sure to look out for the newly relocated rainbow trout!

Nada Tunnel

Nada Tunnel is a historic 900-foot (270 m) long tunnel along Kentucky Route 77 in Powell County, Kentucky, in the United States. Formerly a railway tunnel, the presently paved tunnel has often been described as the "Gateway to Red River Gorge" for the shortcut it provides motorists to the Red River Gorge canyons of the Daniel Boone National Forest .

Rock Bridge Trail

Hikers enjoy the tranquil setting near Rock Bridge, a natural sandstone arch that spans across the creek. This arch is the only "bridge" in the Red River Gorge over water. A small waterfall upstream provides an ideal spot for some quiet time with nature.

The Red River Gorge Geological Area has more than 100 natural arches, the greatest concentration of arches east of the Rocky Mountains.  

The defining geologic strata of the Red River Gorge were formed about 300 million years ago. Sediment, sand and pebbles eroding from the ancient Appalachian mountains were carried by a great river and deposited as a delta at the edge of a shallow inland sea that covered much of the middle part of North America.

Over millions of years, the mountains were worn down, the sediments turned to rock and the inland sea receded. Gradually, streams began cutting down through the relatively flat layers of sedimentary rock. Because sandstone is a harder rock, it resisted erosion better than the shale and silt stone layers above and below.

Erosion and weathering over millions of years sculpted the striking sandstone cliffs and intriguing geologic features that we see today in the Red River Gorge. 

Natural Bridge Sky Lift Gift Shop

607 Skylift Drive Slade KY 40376


Natural Bridge of Kentucky may not be as photogenic as the rose-colored arches of the West, but it's so sturdy that visitors are encouraged to walk across it -- and they don't have to exhaust themselves to reach it. That's because in 1967 Kentucky built a ski lift from a parking lot up the mountainside to the Bridge, calling it a "Skylift." You can watch a video next to the Skylift squished penny machine that tells you how to ride the Skylift. "If you are like most visitors, this is probably your first time on a Skylift...." The ride takes 11 minutes each way.

The arch is 78 feet across and 24 feet wide. It has no guardrails, so walking across it in icy weather is not recommended. Hikers or visitors on a budget can look at the Skylift, turn around, drive to the other end of the road, park at the far end of the Hemlock Lodge lot, and climb a trail up the mountain to Natural Bridge for free. But this lacks the unique, sweat-free thrill of effortlessly riding a Skylift to visit a wonder of nature.

The gift shop behind the Skylift ticket booth sells 12 flavors of fudge.

Natural Bridge State Park

2135 Natural Bridge Rd.

Slade, KY 40376



There is really is a  ton of trails to see.  We will try to keep a trail map in your cabin for you to use.